Why Give

We are incredibly thankful for people like you who have embraced the Mission and make possible all the good that we do. But do you know WHAT we do and WHO we actually serve?

We are just like your home, concerned for those under our care. We are the home of those without a home. We are the hot water, the electricity, the healthy meals, and the clean, warm beds that many simply do not have. We are the address of the son, daughter, or family member who has been evicted or lost a job. We are the drug-free, crime-free release point for the loved one returning from prison. We are the safe and secure haven for the mother fleeing domestic violence. We are the "timeout" for someone battling with an addiction or stronghold.

For almost 65 years we have been a haven and a home for those who could not provide for themselves, regardless of the reason. Our hearts burn with emotion over the soul that is faltering or the life that is failing, and that's why we do what we do.

Did you know that we spend over $90,000 a year on utilities alone? Or that we serve over 6600 meals a month? We provide lodging to over 120 people a night, and provide weekly assistance to over 500 needy families a year. We are more than just a homeless shelter. We are a shelter for those without a home.

Tri-City Union Gospel Mission is 100% funded by Community donations and receives No government subsidies. All donations stay here in the Tri-Cities.

We couldn't do it without your generous support. God bless you.

Ways to Give