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After someone has been at the Mission for a while, they've settled in, they can breath a little bit, they're feeling better about themselves, then you can start peeling back the layers in their life and what actually brought them to the Mission. We try to address those underlying issues and start working on dealing with some obstacles and some of the things in their life that brought them to the Mission and helping them reverse course.

New Life Program

We offer the New Life Recovery Program, which is a Bible based approach to freedom from strongholds. This a 13-month in house program and is subject to chaplain and director approval. Click Here for a description of the New Life Recovery Program.

Amazing things are happening at TCUGM and through the New Life Recovery Program. See for yourself, and view testimonies and videos.

Resident's Accountability Program

Along with feeding our community, we also offer programs designed to free those living a life of dependency or addiction, and transition them toward independence.

One of the ways we do this is through our Resident's Accountability Program. This program allows for smaller steps towards independence. It also allows for a gentler transition back into work and/or into the New Life Recovery program. The Accountability program offers progressively increased levels of responsibility and leadership, within the Mission structure.